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Add CalDAV?

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2021 1:12 pm
by Bilbo
When will VM handle two-way sync with CalDav-standard servers, not google or other named backends? That feature would make me upgrade to ultimate lifetime :) These servers connect with URL, username, password - and not a .ICS file. My current tests with version 2019.05 give error 409 'Conflict' or 403 'Forbidden'. In some previous versions, such testing failed silently.

(The forum search and version history yield zero hits on this search term.)

Re: Add CalDAV?

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2021 10:07 pm
by VueSoft
Hi Bilbo, thank you for the feedback. VueMinder doesn't currently support syncing with CalDAV, but this is on my list of planned improvements and I'll post a reply when it's completed.