Adding a New Calendar from Google (shared with me)

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Adding a New Calendar from Google (shared with me)

Post by eleni_meleni » Mon May 15, 2017 7:19 pm

Hi Dan,

I have a calendar in Google Calendar that is shared with me (ie. I'm not the owner of the calendar). I'd like to sync that calendar into VueMinder.

Can you explain how to do that? It's not as obvious to me as when I'm syncing a GoogleCal that I'm the owner of.


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Re: Adding a New Calendar from Google (shared with me)

Post by VueSoft » Mon May 15, 2017 11:55 pm

Hi Eleni, you can add the shared calendar to VueMinder by using the "File -> Add Calendar -> Add Google Calendar" menu command. If you have write access to the calendar, it should be listed under "My Google Calendars". If you have read-only access, it will be under "Other Google Calendars". Click the calendar's name and then click the "Add Calendar" button.

If you don't see the calendar listed, try exiting and restarting VueMinder. If it still doesn't appear, do you see the calendar listed on the Google Calendar webpage? If not, maybe the calendar wasn't shared with the correct Google account.
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